Wednesday, February 22, 2012

kenyir cruise

kenyir lake is one of the place that i want to visit. situated at kuala berang. the biggest human made lake in malaysia. i had been there last year for a family trip. it took 6 hours. what a bored journey. we stay on the boat house for 3 days.
on the left is our boat house. it is so cozy, equip with 6 bedroom, kitchen, and large deck.

we brought a lot of food but we didn't finished it all. 
and the journey begins. nothing much to see. just lake and forest.
there are also this thing called kayu mati. i can't imagine how deep the lake is. can you?
 the most important thing for kaki pancing. i bet no one ever forget it. everybody doesn't seem to have any patience left. they are eager to catch some kelah and toman.

morning at kenyir. no one dare to take a bath at 8am. it so cold. i just wait for the sun comes and warm the water for me. 
wah! the first kelah on board. haha! no one able to catch it. it was the captain.

the captain couch. ay ay captain. thanks for the best ride and a lot of fish.
the lovely sunlight at kenyir lake. just go and have some. it's a nice place to visit especially for kaki pancing and kaki foto. gudbai kenyir.

maju laju

kita kena selalu bergerak kedepan walau tak jauh
skrg bln februari.. oleh kerana aku akan buang title STUDENT tak lama lagi, saat-saat akhir ni teramat la sibuk.

untuk tahun ni, ada pembaharuan walaupun tak banyak.tapi cerita tetap sama.
terima kasih pada yang masih lagi baca
aku taw tak ramai
sekali lagi terima kasih